60 years ago,

curling began in Ilderton with 4 sheets on the hockey rink. From Ilderton, the club moved to The Ivanhoe Arena.

The current club was built as an addition to the arena in 1971 and was completed by February of 1972.

The original plan was to have only the arena ice pad but because of a petition started by Lloyd Thorsley, Tom (Cap) Robson and Hugh Filson the curling rink was added to the plans. The stipulation to adding the curling club was that the curlers would be given an unfinished shell that they would have to paint and furnish at the club’s own expense also if the club could not meet their rent and other financial obligations the township would not intercede.

The volunteers did all the work on the inside including building light fixtures made by Carl Laing and his Fanshawe welding and fabricating students. Lloyd Thorsley was instrumental in creating the floor plan for the ice pad and also much of the electrical planning of the club. There is an electric baseboard heater, mounted in the Zamboni room, that is still in use as a resister to save the breakers when there is a large draw of electricity.My father, Peter, was brought in to consult on installing the ice for the first time. It was the dead of winter and the floor was covered with frozen down wood chips, saw dust and other scraps so my father flooded over it and started the ice. I believe he became the permanent ice maker the next season and drove from Strathroy every day until my parents built a house on Mill St.

There are pictures of many volunteers that worked on the lower and upper lobbies and also the original floor plans for the ice pad.

Dan Prohaszka, Retired Club Manager and Ice Maker