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Website User Guide

The information provided here is intended to assist members of the Ilderton Curling Club in the transition to using our club’s new website. While it does not provide information about using all website features, it does provide information about some of the most popular areas of the website.

All actions below will require you to LOG IN to the website using your username and password.

User Names/Passwords

Retrieving your User Name/Password:

For members who have not yet activated their ICC website account, follow the instructions below:

Forgotten User Names/Passwords

Forgotten User Names/Passwords can be automatically sent to members through the website. To retrieve a forgotten User Name/Password:

Your Member Profile

All members of the club are responsible for maintaining/updating their own contact information.

To update your personal information (address, phone #, email address, user name, password):

The username allows these characters: You can only use letters a to z, numbers, spaces or these characters (._-) in your username.
The password allows these characters: You can only use letters a to z, numbers, spaces or these characters (._-!@#$%^&*?~) in your password.

To view your schedule of games/teams you are part of:

Finding a Spare/Signing up to Spare

Members are responsible for adding their own names to spare lists and finding their own spares.

To have your name added to the spare list for a league:

To find a spare:

Information about Your Leagues

Information all ICC leagues is posted on the League Home Page. This can include rosters, draw schedules and any special league information.

To view league information:

Online Game Results/Standings

Some leagues will choose to manage their league scores/standings using the new website. This information will be communicated through your league convener. Of those leagues, some may allow members to input their game results in the system.

To input game results:

Member Directory/Club Roster

Online Directory – To view the online directory:

Printable Club Roster – To view/print a copy of the club roster:

Bonspiel Information

To view information about ICC bonspiels:

Viewing the ICC Calendar of Events

To view the ICC Events Calendar:

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