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Ladies Competitive (Daytime)

CONVENERS: Judy Markle - , Lisa Campbell - , Tina Sturgeon - , Wanda Needham-Dack -


Competitive League Rules

  1. To constitute an official game, a team must have three players of which at least two are original members. Otherwise the game is defaulted. The four players must be designated at the start of the year.  (No 5 person teams will be allowed) The exception is if the team only has three members at the start of the year.   Then only one original member is required.

  2. If a team loses one or more of their original four players, a new player can be designated at any time in the year as long as a written change request is forwarded to, and approved by, the convenor. Once the player is replaced, the original player cannot return to her position.

  3. If a game cannot commence on time due to a team not having the required players, the following penalties are assessed on the offending team:

    1. For a period of less than five minutes (0-4 minutes on the time clock), the non-offending team shall be granted last rock and choice of colour in the first end.

    2. For each full five minute period (5-9 minutes, 10-14 minutes, etc. on the time clock), one end shall be considered to have been played and the non-offending team shall be granted one point, last rock, and choice of rock colour in the first end played.

    3. After 30 minutes has elapsed the non-offending team shall be declared the winner and the game defaulted by the offending team.

    4. Any defaulted game may still be played, but this does not change the official default result.

      Defaulted games are scored as follows:

       1.    Offending team:        D   Ends=0, Score=0, Points=0.

       2.    Non-offending team: W   Ends=8, Score=8, Points=win for draw.

           Spares can  play only as high as the replaced player, with the exception of skips.  NO spares can skip a team or call the game. (all flights)


Tie Breaking Rules are as follows:

    1) Head to head record

    2) Most ends

    3) Point differential (For, minus, Against)                                   

    4) High points for                                                              

    5) High points against

    6) Coin toss


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