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Ladies Competitive (Daytime)

CONVENER: Dallyce Southern

Competitive League Rules

  1. To constitute an official game, a team must have three players of which at least two are original members. Otherwise the game is defaulted. The four players must be designated at the start of the year.  (No 5 person teams will be allowed) The exception is if the team only has three members at the start of the year.   Then only one original member is required.

  2. If a team loses one or more of their original four players, a new player can be designated at any time in the year as long as a written change request is forwarded to, and approved by, the convenor. Once the player is replaced, the original player cannot return to her position.

  3. If a game cannot commence on time due to a team not having the required players, the following penalties are assessed on the offending team:

    1. For a period of less than five minutes (0-4 minutes on the time clock), the non-offending team shall be granted last rock and choice of colour in the first end.

    2. For each full five minute period (5-9 minutes, 10-14 minutes, etc. on the time clock), one end shall be considered to have been played and the non-offending team shall be granted one point, last rock, and choice of rock colour in the first end played.

    3. After 30 minutes has elapsed the non-offending team shall be declared the winner and the game defaulted by the offending team.

    4. Any defaulted game may still be played, but this does not change the official default result.

      Defaulted games are scored as follows:

       1.    Offending team:           D   Ends=0, Score=0, Points=0

       2.    Non-offending team:    W   Ends=8, Score=8, Points=win for draw.

      Please note:  These default rules are intended for a true default situation i.e. the "non-offending" team is prevented from playing their game because the opposition "offending" team cannot be there to play.  If both teams are unable to play their regularly scheduled game, (i.e. both teams are registered in an out-of-club bonspiel), it is expected that both teams would default. (Both are "offending teams", there is no "winner", and there are no points) 

           Spares can play only as high as the replaced player, with the exception of skips.  NO spares can skip a team or call the game. (all flights)

Tie Breaking Rules are as follows:

    1) Head to head record

    2) Most ends

    3) Point differential (For, minus, Against)                                   

    4) High points for                                                              

    5) High points against

    6) Coin toss

Protocol for Determining ICC Women's Competitive Curling Club Champions

The ICC has two women's competitive leagues, Monday evening and Thursday daytime, and players may choose to play in both leagues.  The ladies' champion team is usually determined by a playoff game between the top team of the Monday league and the top team of the Thursday league.  The champions are eligible to represent the ICC at the Travelers Curling Championships the following autumn. 

If the winning team cannot attend the Travelers, the losing team from the playoff game may represent the Ilderton Curling Club.  If the winning team of either league does not intend to participate in the Travelers, they will remain the league champions, but should allow the runner-up in that league to advance to the playoff game against the opposing league.

The following protocol will come into play in the event that the winning teams of both leagues have players in common

If the Monday and Thursday winning teams have any players in common, those common players must be designated to one team or the other (representing one league or the other) to form the playoff team.  The designated team will play off against the runner-up of the alternate league.  The winner of this game is eligible to represent the ICC at the Travelers, and the loser becomes the back-up team. 

Exception: If the team that has won both leagues includes the same 4 players,  that team is eligible to represent the ICC at the Travelers.  To facilitate a playoff between the Monday and Thursday leagues, and to determine the back-up team for the Travelers, the runners-up from each league will play off.


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