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Our registration system, membership types, leagues, options and prices have changed since last year.  Please read all instructions carefully. Registration is not complete until you finish Step 3 of 3 and are presented with a registration number. REMEMBER TO PRESS THE PRINT BUTTON to email yourself the receipt. It has the payment info and the required password for eTransfers.

a) Select one Membership Type by pressing the appropriate round radio button

  • For Learn to Curl program and Novice League please select "Instructional Member". Each selection has an associated fee
  • New Adult Members, first time to ICC, who select "Full Member" should select the "New Adult Member Discount" box under "Registration Discount Options" and check 'Yes' New Member in Profile Section
  • Junior members (Under 21) who wish to play in evening leagues must select "Full Member" and then choose the "Junior-Full Discount" box under "Registration Discount Options"
  • Members (21 to 40) who select "Full Member" should select the "Intermediate Discount" box under "Registration Discount Options". 
  • Wheelchair members who wish to play in leagues listed under Full Member must select "Full Member"
  • Most fees include HST, where applicable. Tax on the receipt will be for only those charges where tax is not included

b) Select the league(s) in which you wish to play by selecting the square checkbox next to that league's description

  • If signing up for a competitive/skip's choice league, you must indicate the names of all teammates
  • All teammates must sign up individually and entries are not complete until all members have registered
  • If you wish to spare in any league you must Login and go to your Profile. New members can request a login ID. Please DO NOT include any spare information in this registration form
  • If you are interested in a competitive or skip's choice league, but do not have a team, please contact the league convenor and Games Director 
  • If you select Full Member and also wish to play in the Novice league then please contact that league's convenor 

c) Select any "Additional Registration Options" that you would like to participate in (ie. clinics, ladies luncheon,Out of the Gate Spiel, etc.) near the bottom of the page.  Please complete the Profile questions.

League Curling

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Vice-Skip: ** 
Second: ** 
Lead: ** 

Notes for League Admin (Ladies Social (Daytime)): 

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Vice-Skip: ** 
Second: ** 
Lead: ** 

Notes for League Admin (Mens Social): 

Notes for League Admin (Senior Mens (Daytime)): 

Skip: ** 
Vice-Skip: ** 
Second: ** 
Lead: ** 

Notes for League Admin (Mixed Social (Monday AM)): 

Notes for League Admin (Mixed Skips Choice (Monday AM)): 
Skip: ** 
Vice-Skip: ** 
Second: ** 
Lead: ** 

Notes for League Admin (Mixed Social (Wed. Daytime)): 

Skip: ** 
Vice-Skip: ** 
Second: ** 
Lead: ** 

Notes for League Admin (Mixed Social (Thursday PM)): 

Notes for League Admin (Doubles (Thurs PM)): 
Player One: ** 
Player Two: ** 

Skip: ** 
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Second: ** 
Lead: ** 

Notes for League Admin (Mixed Social (Friday PM)): 


Notes for League Admin (Junior): 


Notes for League Admin (Little Rockers): 



Special Membership Options

Additional Registration Options


In addition to the following Options, our club will be holding an Open House on Saturday Oct. 12 from 9 a.m. to noon.  If you have friends and family interested in curling then let them know about it. Also, a Learn-To-Curl clinic, will be held Saturday afternoon from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Cost $10 cash payable that day. Limited to 18 individuals (new wheelchair curlers accepted). To sign up for the Learn-To-Curl clinic the non-member must contact the Membership Director before Oct. 1.


Registration Discount Options

ONLY ONE DISCOUNT per membership if applicable.  Please only select one of the following.  We do not have an Intermediate New. 

  • Intermediate members (21 to 40), who select "Full Member", should check the "Intermediate Discount" box.
  • Junior members (Under 21), who wish to also play in leagues under Full Member, should select "Full Member" and then check the "Junior-Full Discount" box.
  • New Adult Members, first year at Ilderton CC, who select "Full Member" may check the "New Adult Member Discount" box.


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